Essay Writing

 Venue: NGO Club, CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore

1. Essay Writing in English (2 levels)


1. Essay- English  (10.00-11.30 hrs)

a) Level 1 (up to 8th Standard)


(one of the two subjects given will be selected at the venue)

Should Students note book be replaced by note pad(electronic pad / tab /iPad etc )?


What is your favorite sports event? Why do you like it?


b) Level 2 (9th std and above)


(one of the two subjects given will be selected at the venue)

Career Scope beyond engineering and medicine


What do I mean by quality of life?


2. Essay-Malayalam (10.00-11.30 hrs)


Subject will be provided at the venue



Sri. Sivakumar S, Ph : 9449043206

Sri. Bineshkumar K, Ph : 9845163866


  Sivakumar.S    : 9449043206

  Bineshkumar K: 9845163866

 (All materials will be

 provided by the organizers)

 (Deserving articles will be published in the souvenir and attractive cash prizes will be awarded)

Drawing & Painting


  Level-1(Up to 1st std)

      Sketch will be provided for colouring.


  Level-2(2nd, 3 rd and 4th std)

       Subject:  Vegetables / fruits  as provided at the venue.


  Level-3(5thm 6th  and  7th std)(one of the two subjects given will be selected at the venue)

        Garden      OR       Diwali


  Drawing & Painting (with Crayons only) competition for children in three groups will be conducted between

  14:00 Hrs. to 15:30 Hrs. on Sunday, 27th Aug 2017. All drawing materials will be provided by the organizers.


   Quiz  (15.30 hrs-16.00 hrs)

  a) Group 1(up to 8th standard)

  b) Group 2 (9th standard and above


  Elocution. (Malayalam medium preferred, students are permitted to carry a small paper with points written)

   (16.00 hrs – 17.00 hrs)

  a) Level 1:  If I were the prime minister of India.

  b) Level 2:  Kathakali

  c) Seniors: Subject will be provided at the venue


  Handwriting Competition (17.15 hrs- 17.45 hrs)

  A paragraph of Malayalam text will be provided at the venue.

 Poem recitation

  Poem recitation (Malayalam) (17.45 hrs – 18.15 hrs)

  Each participant can take maximum 5 minutes.

Note : Competition only for DRDO Onam Celebrating family members

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