Drawing & Painting Competition

 Drawing & Painting (with Crayons only) competition for children in three groups (up to 1st std (including); 2nd , 3rd , 4th std; 5th to 7th std) will be conducted between 10:00 Hrs. to 12:00 Hrs. on Sunday, 4th Sep 2016. All drawing materials will be provided by the organizers.

Level-1(Up to 1st std)

      Sub-Colouring (Pattern will be provided)


  Level-2(2nd to 4th std)

      Sub-Drawing based on scenery provided at the venue.


  Level-3(5th to 7th std)

      Sub-Drawing will be based on, one of the subject (1.Olympics  2.Rain  3.Thrissur Pooram) selected at the venue.


 Venue: NGO Club, CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore - 560093

Sri. Martin Jose, Ph : 9480424635


Note : Competition only for DRDO Onam Celebrating family members

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