About Onam

 Onam Festival is one of the most important festival of Kerala or South India. It is a bright and colourful festival that celebrates the bounties of nature and a year of good harvest. The festival stretches on for ten days filled with feasting, boat racing, singing and dancing. Rituals along with new clothes, traditional cuisine, dance, and music mark this harvest festival. Onam falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam (August-September), the harvest month that marks the end of a lean period after the heavy monsoon in the state. Onam is thus the harvest festival as well as a celebration in memory of a bygone golden era for Keralites. vamana and mahabali

According to the legends, Kerala was ruled by the Demon King Mahabali. Mahabali was such a great ruler that his rule was known as the "golden rule of Mahabali". His fame spread far and wide that the Gods feared that he might become too powerful. So they approached Lord Vishnu, to curb Mahabali's power. Lord Vishnu took the form of Vaamana, the dwarf and approached Mahabali. He asked the good King for three paces of land. King Mahabali was so kind that he looked at the small person and advised him to ask something bigger. But the guru of the demons, Guru Sukracharya, realised this was no ordinary brahmin and told the king to refuse any boons. But King Mahabali refused and granted three paces of land to Vaamana.At that, the dwarf grew in height till he almost touched the sky. With his first step, he measured the heavens, with his second, the nether world. For his third pace, there was no place and Kign Mahabali offered his head.


So he did and Mahabali was pushed into the nether world. But Lord Vishnu was so pleased with this great King that he showed him his viswarupa and gave him a boon. Then the good king Mahabali requested that he should visit his people once a year and see his beloved subjects. Lord Vishnu granted him his boon and on the day "Onam Festival" of kerala King Mahabali visits the earth is only celebrated as Onam.The festival is celebrated with equal fervour irrespective of class or creed.


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